Why Self-Driving Cars Will Never Happen

Mat Watson of Carwow takes a look at whether self-driving cars will come to be. 

“We’ve got some news for you…

Self-driving cars are a LIE! Now we hear you – you’ve probably seen a couple of self-driving cars shown off by some manufacturers. And what’s more, you’ve also probably heard that new Teslas come including self-driving tech!

Well here’s the thing… Any self-driving car you’ve seen from a manufacturer is only a concept. There are currently NO self-driving cars in production! And what’s more, when it comes to Tesla, although they do apparently include self-driving tech, we can assure you that it’s temperamental at the best of times!

So the question is – will we ever see a self-driving car go into production in our lifetime?! There’s only one way to find out… Join Mat for his latest video and see for yourself!” — Carwow

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