The Hottest Vehicle in America is the Ford Bronco

According to Pras Subramanian of Yahoo!Finance the Ford Bronco is the hottest vehicle in America.  

Here is what Pras had to say, 

Pushing the Bronco near its limits gave me an appreciation for the truck’s capability and the sheer amount of fun you can have off-roading. It gave me a clearer understanding of why many enthusiasts do enjoy off-roading — and why they devote so much time and resources to pursue these adventures. Similar to auto racing and track driving, off-roading gives you a deeper connection with the machine, where you are almost one with the machine. But in this case going slower is where the connection lies.

We updated the Ford Bronco Rankings, Ratings and Comparisons page with 7 new data points and rescored the vehicle.  

How does the Ford Bronco match up to its’ competitors?  What do other auto reviewers think of the vehicle?  Hit the links below to find out. 


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