The 2022 Infiniti QX60 Gets The Job Done

Will Sabel Courtney of Gear Patrol has posted his opinion of the Infiniti QX60.   

A very, very large percentage of American families don’t care about what powers their car, how quick it can run laps at the Nurburgring or how steep an incline it can scramble up. For them, a car is a laundry machine, a refrigerator, a kitchen range — an appliance. They want their car to be safe, to reward the gaze (and, let’s face it, inspire envy), to be comfortable — and, in many cases, come from a brand that other people will recognize as being upscale. For those folks, the QX60 will surely satisfy…even if the rest of us wind up chasing after Broncos, Teslas and Supras.

We were able to pick 8 new data points from Will’s article.   We have rescored and reranked the QX60 with the new data included.  

How does the Infiniti QX60 match up to its’ competitors?  What do other auto reviewers think of the vehicle?  Hit the links below to see 9 other reviews and meta-scoring to give you the most unbiased rating of the Infiniti QX60 available anywhere.


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