New Kia Sportage 2022 review

Carwow has reviewed the 2022 Kia Sportage:

Mat’s got his hands on this all-new family-friendly SUV to see if it has what it takes to compete with class leaders like the Volkswagen Tiguan!

So what’s new with the Sportage? Well for starters, it’s definitely more striking than its predecessor! Around the back, you’ll find taillights and looks which are similar to the EV6, while upfront you’ll find a striking grille and some more aggressive bits of trim in the bumper (at least, you will if you choose the GT Line trim).

It looks good once you take a step inside, too. There’s a large infotainment & dials screen up front, along with plush feeling, high-quality materials throughout.

To read the full review and many more, plus check out how the Sportage ranks versus its’ competitors by hitting the links below:


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