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The Mercedes-Benz G-Class, sometimes called G-Wagen (short for Geländewagen, “terrain vehicle”), is a mid-size four-wheel drive luxury SUV manufactured by Magna Steyr (formerly Steyr-Daimler-Puch) in Austria and sold by Mercedes-Benz. In certain markets, it has been sold under the Puch name as Puch G.

The G-Wagen is characterised by its boxy styling and body-on-frame construction. It uses three fully locking differentials, one of the few vehicles to have such a feature.

Despite the introduction of an intended replacement, the unibody SUV Mercedes-Benz GL-Class in 2006, the G-Class is still in production and is one of the longest-produced vehicles in Daimler’s history, with a span of 42 years. Only the Unimog surpasses it.


Puch G

The success and longevity of the G-Class has reached another milestone: the 400,000th unit was built on 4 December 2020.[4] The 300,000th unit was built in July 2017.

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  • Official Page – Mercedes-AMG G63
  • Price: Starts at $211,900 CAD
  • Comparable to:  Mercedes GLS, BMW X7
  • Maintenance costs: The MDX will cost approximately $16,561 to maintain over 10 years. 


We have put together as many reviews and impressions as we could find.   Each finds a way to touch upon something that the others missed.  If you are serious about this vehicle then check out the videos at the end of our vehicle analysis section.    If you have review or first impressions that helped you and that aren’t listed here, please contact us!


We rank the Mercedes G63  #6 in the Full-Size Luxury SUV Category.   



Kelley Blue Book: 4.7 / 5

Car and Driver: 8.5 / 10

USNews: 8.4 / 10

Edmunds: 7.0 / 10

J.D. Power: no rating

Motortrend: 7.4  /10


What the critics have to say…

Mercedes-Benz began selling its boxy, utilitarian G-Class in the U.S. market in 2002. Still based on the original military vehicle from the 1970s, it became a cult icon despite (and possibly a little bit because of) its dated, old-school SUV design. Though it looks almost identical to the original, the second-generation G-Class that debuted a few years ago is, with few exceptions, new from the tires up. It seats five people, comes in G 550 and AMG G 63 specification, and has no direct competitors that offer the same blend of purpose-built design, unstoppable off-road capability, and high-end interior materials and technology.

The mighty G-Class (or G-Wagen) is one of the oldest models in the Mercedes-Benz portfolio, having been developed in the mid-1970s as a rugged off-roader. For 2019, the German automaker redesigned the G-Wagen for the first time in decades, retaining the model’s legendary off-road capability and adding modern conveniences. The G-Class competes against other high-dollar off-road SUVs including the Land Rover Range Rover, Lexus LX, and Toyota Land Cruiser.


The V8 engine in the G 550 sounds burly and muscular when you mash the gas and, in our testing, gets this SUV from 0 to 60 mph in 5.6 seconds. That’s an average time for a V8-powered luxury SUV.

The fact is though, that the G isn’t much of a performer. The high center of gravity and noticeable body roll don’t instill confidence around corners. The traction and stability control systems also aggressively activate to keep your wheels on the ground should you try to get enthusiastic with your driving, which is probably a good choice. The steering is precise and weighted appropriately but entirely numb. A wide turning radius makes navigating tight spaces a chore.

When it’s on, the auto engine stop-start system is jarring and intrusive. On the plus side, the transmission is smooth and responds quickly to driver demands.


Is the Mercedes-Benz G-Class Reliable?

The 2021 Mercedes-Benz G-Class has not yet been scored for predicted reliability.

Mercedes-Benz G-Class Warranty

Mercedes-Benz covers the 2020 G-Class with a four-year/50,000-mile limited warranty.



The G 550 is compromised in places by its design. The ride is a bit truckish, but it takes the edge off bumps and avoids feeling busy over rough pavement. The seats are nicely cushioned and supportive — perhaps to a fault. The seats are rather narrow, especially for a vehicle in this class, and the adjustable side bolsters just don’t open enough for even relatively robust drivers.

Noise from the road and from other traffic is pleasantly muted, and the engine settles into a deep, unobtrusive rumble when cruising. But there’s noticeable wind noise at freeway speeds, which is likely due to the G-Class’ upright styling. Like a Jeep Wrangler, you are essentially driving a brick. 


The G-Class’ boxy shape results in some serious ergonomic limitations. The seats are rather high, and while there’s some adjustability, the only seating position that really works is to sit tall and square. While the headroom is superb, the shorter door openings and high seat cushions mean passengers will have to duck while navigating the high step up. The step rail is too high to be very useful. While rear passenger space is reasonable, the rear doors’ limited range of motion creates more difficulty in getting in and out than it should.  

You get a commanding view of the road ahead, but the front window roof pillars are thick and upright — enough to hide pedestrians waiting to cross at a stoplight. The rear view is partially obstructed by the rear-mounted spare tire, and the small side mirrors don’t show you a whole lot either.


Sadly, the G-Class is stuck with the old Mercedes-Benz COMAND infotainment system rather than the newer MBUX. It’s not a bad system, but it’s comparatively limited in functionality. The navigation display and commands are less sophisticated, for example, and the voice commands are finicky and limited.

We also had some issues with the G-Class’ advanced driver aids. Adaptive cruise works well enough, though it lacks the Traffic Jam Assist feature of other Mercedes products. Lane keeping, however, is abrupt in its intervention, engaging the brakes to drag the vehicle back into line. It’s upsetting to experience, and it makes the G 550 unpredictable to other drivers. Worse, it only intervened occasionally without any real way to tell whether it was primed to go off or not.


The G 550 is far from the most practical large SUV. The side-opening cargo door requires space to operate, but at least it’s hinged properly for curbside use. The load floor is high and not that deep, and it is limited on the sides by bulky body intrusions. The second-row seat doesn’t fold flat. Its resulting ledge makes it so long, and bulky items can’t simply be slid back. Cabin storage for personal items is also rather limited for such a large SUV.

If you’re planning on using your G-Class as a family taxi, installing child seats is helped by easily accessible car-seat anchor points. But lifting kids and seats up into the cabin can be hard. Bulkier rear-facing seats and infant convertibles might force front passengers to scoot forward more than they’d like.


You have to decide why you want to buy a G-Class. Mercedes offers interiors of this caliber, along with more and newer technology, on some of its less expensive vehicles. For what you get, the G-Class certainly is not up to the standards of other $100,000-plus Mercedes-Benz products.

IS THE Mercedes G63 A GOOD SUV?

Yes, the Mercedes-Benz G-Class is a great SUV. This vehicle is well-rounded, with a coddling ride, lavish cabin materials, a high-tech infotainment system, and spacious seats. It has brutish V8 engines, especially in the powerful AMG trim. It’s also a very capable off-roader, tackling trails, rocks, and water with ease. Just keep an eye on its staggering price tag.

SHOULD I BUY THE mercedes g63?

The G-Class is a great choice, but there are some more affordable options you might want to consider instead. If you want the opulence of the G-Class but are put off by its exorbitant price tag, consider the three-row Mercedes-Benz GLS. Also, the Toyota Land Cruiser is one of the few models in the class that can rival the Mercedes’ off-road prowess.


The Mercedes-Benz G-Class is one of the best luxury SUVs you can buy. Elegant, powerful, refined, and adventurous, this Mercedes handles just about any driving situation with ease. Still, it’s one of the priciest models in the class, and it lacks the third-row configuration of most rivals. Additionally, there can be some steering resistance at low speeds.