Land Rover Discovery Review and Rankings Rescoring Added

OSV has posted a review of the Land Rover Discovery where they pose the question “Best Large SUV?”.     

 “There’s nothing quite like a Land Rover Discovery and the improved version of this fifth generation model continues to offer the toughest, the most practical and the most capable choice in the large SUV sector.

Enhancements include a smarter look, the adoption of MHEV mild hybrid engine technology and a much higher standard of media connectivity from the revised cabin. Yet the Discovery remains a supremely practical choice for up to seven adults and is an easy class-leader off the beaten track. In the large family SUV segment, there’s nothing quite like it.” — OSV

Most reviewers disagree with just about everything OSV says with the scoring of the Land Rover Discovery coming in at #32 overall in our Best Mid-Size SUV Rankings.  

Take a look for yourself.  What do you think?  Has OSV got it right or have the other reviewers hit closer to the mark?


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