JD Power Names the Best SUVs of 2021

J.D. Power has Named their Best SUVs of 2021 and well, they don’t quite jive with the unbiased metacritic-like ratings that we produce.   That said, J.D. Power has their own reasons for picking the vehicles that they chose. 

J.D. Power has ranked their SUV choices by Overall Quality and by Overall Appeal.

The Overall Quality segment consists of three BMWs, three Kias, two Lexus, one Nissan and one Toyota.

The Overall Appeal segment consists of three BMWs, two Chevrolets, two Fords, one Kia, one Land Rover and one Volvo.

To see which vehicles made the J.D. Power cut, just visit this link to their full article

To see our unbiased Best SUV lists created by taking data and review points from hundreds of reviews across the Internet, just hit the links below:

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