Is the Revamped 2022 Nissan Pathfinder a Contender for Best Mid-Size SUV?

We have added a new review of the Nissan Pathfinder by Motor Illustrated to our Ranking, Ratings and Comparisons page.   Is the new Nissan Pathfinder a contender for best mid-size SUV?

“I was generous in saying that the 2022 Pathfinder is “all-new.” I suppose my enthusiasm allowed me to overlook the fact that the new SUV is still assembled on the same platform as previous. The first reason why I made the “mistake” comes from its looks. The new 5th generation Pathfinder trades the previous SUV’s bloated jellybean styling for more chiseled lines and boxier proportions. I’m well aware the old SUV sold extremely well but its looks never sat well with me. That may have been influenced by the fact that the then-new Nissan SUV was dropping its body-on-frame construction (for the 2nd time) and adopting a CVT.” — Motor Illustrated

How does the Nissan Pathfinder compare to other SUVs after it’s 2022 revamp?  Check out the links below to find out!


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