Genesis Reveals the Electric GV70 SUV

Genesis seems to be in an ever-expanding mode of late.  The Genesis GV70 sits atop the Compact SUV Power Rankings list at time of this posting.  

Almost universally beloved by the automobile press the GV70 will be getting an electric version.   

The exterior will change, with the front grill becoming solid and incorporating a charging port.  The rear of the vehicle will no longer require tailpipes, so that change will come as well. 

In the interior the central console has also been lowered to increase space.

The Electric GV70 will come as all-wheel drive only, with a total output of 360kW (in Boost Mode), which also boasts a 0-62mph time of 4.5 seconds.

The range is 500km based on Korean testing standards, although the range per charge is given as 400km – or 250 miles.

Charging is supported at up to 350kWh, which is the new norm from Hyundai and Kia.

An active noise cancellation system to reduce noise coming into the cabin from the road has been added to this version of the GV70.

Other technology will include a system that will manage which motor and drive shafts are in use, so that power will only be sent to the wheels that require it, while there’s also an e-Terrain Mode to ensure you have traction in all situations.

There’s no date yet on when the Electrified GV70 will will be available for purchase, but expectations are 2022. 

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