Cadillac XT5 Road Trip Review

We have added a Road Trip Review by to our Cadillac XT5 Rankings, Comparisons and Information page. 

Though this “review” wasn’t eligible to give us new data points it has some interesting takes on this mid-size luxury SUV. 

“Ultimately, though, with the benefit of some time having passed since the trip, it’s the little things that really stick in the mind. Like the cup holders in the console between the front seats that are too small for any cup larger than 20 oz, basically, including most reusable water bottles. Why do this, Cadillac? Don’t you know that we are thirsty? They were big enough to fit a Starbucks tall, but my tall metal water bottle ended up living in the odd, hollowed out foot-level cubicle between the two front seats. ” —

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