2023 Toyota Sequoia – More Power- Tougher Looks – Worth the Wait

The 2023 Sequoia has been making the rounds at various auto review websites and most have been happy with what they have seen. 

Today it is CNET Road Shows who takes a look at this new, more powerful, more rugged version of the Sequoia.  

The broad strokes and details of the Sequoia’s new look are familiar from the new Tundra, from the general shape of the grille to the T-shaped headlamps with their integrated intakes. Personally, I think the Sequoia’s fascia looks much better with a more conservative grille treatment that avoids the elements of the Tundra’s design that I find most upsetting — the way the pickup’s grille flows over the front bumper and the awkward silver handlebar ‘stache it creates for upper specs.

How does the new Sequoia rank against the competition?  Hit the links below to read the Road Show review and many more!



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