2023 Porsche Macan T First Look: Bestseller Gets the 911’s Touring Package

Motortrend took a first look at the new 2023 Porsche Macan T series.    Here are their thoughts on the touring version of this great vehicle. 

The “T” designation comes to the Macan from the 718 and 911 model ranges, where it typically represents a sporty yet relatively basic (features-wise) treatment that could almost be considered “budget-friendly,” if any Porsche could be considered as such. Think plainer interior fittings, cloth seats, that sort of thing, albeit combined with some performance options.) This is the first time the T trim has been offered on a Porsche SUV. The letter stands for “Touring,” and Porsche says the new model offers an “authentic” driving experience with precise tuning, exclusive equipment options, and a balance of power with efficiency for optimal touring performance. 

To read the full review and many more, plus see how the Porsche Macan ranks versus its’ competitors just hit the links below!  Where would you rank it?


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