2022 Nissan Armada Review – Does the Armada Still Measure Up?

The Nissan Armada doesn’t get a lot of attention or love from car reviewers, but today we are lucky enough to have a review of the 2022 Nissan Armada.   Does the Armada still measure up to its competition?

“The 2022 Nissan Armada lacks the popularity of its domestic rivals, and it doesn’t offer a long-wheelbase model, but savvy shoppers will be surprised by its luxuriousness.

The three-row Nissan’s independent rear suspension is no longer uncommon in this segment, but its ride is still one of the calmest and smoothest. Its quiet, comfy cabin also contributes to its unexpectedly upscale vibe, even if some elements look a little dated. The fanciest, albeit priciest Platinum trim makes up for this with an interior worthy of a legit luxury ute.

Every model boasts a roster of desirable infotainment and active safety features. With a potent 400-hp V-8 under the hood and a well-behaved automatic transmission, the Armada moves with authority and confidence. Unfortunately, the engine suffers from dreadful fuel economy, and the big SUV can wander at highway speeds. Still, the 2022 Armada’s charming characteristics offset its imperfections.” — Car New

To watch the review and see where the Armada ranks against its competitors just visit the Nissan Armada Rankings, Ratings and Comparisons page here on SUV Power Rankings. 


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