2022 Genesis GV70 Rescored and Reranked. Can it keep the number 1 spot in the SUV rankings?

Slash Gear is a bit late to the party, but their review of the 2022 Genesis GV70 is now posted.   They gave it an excellent score, but the GV70 was already scored at 93 and #1 in both the Best Compact SUV and Best Luxury Compact SUV rankings.   

I think it’s fair to say that, when it comes to automotive design right now, Genesis has been punching above its weight. Whether it’s sedans like the shapely G80 and handsome G90, bold and imposing SUVs like the GV80, or head-turning concepts we desperately hope will get the green-light for production, Genesis’ design team has nailed the balance between striking and outlandish. That’s not something you can say for every other player in the luxury segment.

Can it keep the top spot?  Hit the links below?



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